We Are Pregnant

I have been planning to write to for weeks now, but big brother keeps me busy running around after him. I am currently 14 weeks into my pregnancy with Baby Sprout. A lot has already happened so I guess I better spend some time catching up.

We found in April that we were expecting. We went to see the Dr and he confirmed that we would be due in Dec. We are thinking approximately the 21 or 23. Although we would love for the little bundle to come a little earlier in the month so that the baby’s birthday wouldn’t be so close to Christmas, but we will take whatever blessing God gives us.

So May 12 Jim and I went to see Dr. Cox for our first ultrasound. We were able to hear the heartbeat, which was 170. Since I found out I was pregnant with I thought that I was having a girl and I have always heard that high heartbeats could mean a girl. I guess we will wait and see what God has in store for us in December.

I went back to Dr. Cox June 6 for my 12 week check-up. He said that everything was looking great. The heartbeat this time was 150 which is exactly what Jake’s was the whole time he was in my tummy.

I am still wearing my clothes and I haven’t gained as much weight at this point. I am sure that I will be wearing maternity clothes soon enough. I have really enjoyed this pregnancy. Even though I was sick until my 11th week God has been so good. I am able to stay home with Jake and rest during the day. Your daddy is so wonderful. He doesn’t mind if I take a nap everyday. He knows that I need my rest so that you can grow to be a healthy baby. I can’t wait to feel you move around in my belly.

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