Jake is Two

Life is going great!

Jake turned two on Feb. 27.We had his party on march 3. I did an airplane theme. We invited several of his friends and all of our family. He had a blast playing. He doesn’t like cake so he enjoyed blowing out the candles. I cannot believe that my little boy is growing up so quickly. He is saying things and making me laugh more and more everyday. Jim and I have been teaching Bible verses and he can now quote Eph 6:1, Romans 3:23, Gen 1:1 and we are now working on Phil 4:13. He is a joy and we are very blessed to be his parents.

Judd is sleeping through the night. He is sleeping from his last feeding at 10 until somewhere between 4-6. He actually slept until 7 last Sunday. He is smiling big open mouth smiles and even giggles.

Jake has mixed reactions to him. At times he can be very sweet to Judd and others he just wants to make him cry. I guess this is the beginning of great years between brothers. However, once again tonight I prayed that they would have a strongbold, they would love each other in a very special way, they would seek to follow Christ and be Him obedient in everything.

i am going to try and blog more often. Who knows! I may get to busy with the boys! 🙂

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