Happy Belated Birthday Update

I am a week late blogging about my birthday, but it was extra special this year so I want to be sure to share…..

The day started with me getting the boys up and going to the gym. When we came back there were flowers on the table with candles burning and cupcakes were placed at each of our seats. Jim came running up stairs when he heard us walk in. We all sat down and Jim and Jake sang Happy Birhtday to me and then we blew out the candles. I then opened my cards from Jake and Judd. Jake had written and colored in my card 🙂 Jim gave me a pedicure and a coupon for two shopping trips by myself while he watches the boys. What a great present!!! I haven’t been shopping in forever much less by myself. I am pumped!

Well after we ate lunch we had another round of cupcakes and they sang Happy Birthday again. Jake loves to blow out candles but he doesn’t like to eat the cake.

To end the evening we ate dinner with some people in church and we finished dinner with the last round of cupcakes and Happy Birthday. Right before we went to bed Jim gave me his card which included cash to take on my shopping trips:-)

It was a great day and Jim did a great job making me feel extra special!

All of this is really funny because Jim’s family doesn’t make a big deal out of birthday’s and I think that it is my birthday the whole month of March! He always feels this huge amount of pressure to make me feel special each year! He is the best husband in the whole world. I am blessed!!!!

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