Potty Training Update

Week 2-

I know that I left you last week on the edge of your seats wanting to know how Jake was going to continue. Well I am pleased to announced that Jake is potty trained. He is doing great. He still has to work on telling me that he needs to go without me asking, but he is catching on.

Funny moments- I have given him a very elementary explanation of the digestive system. It goes in your mouth, down to your belly, and in the potty. So now everytime he goes #2 Jake looks in the potty and he says there is my chicken, there is my hotdog, bye-bye meat. It is hilarious, and if it works I am all for it.

Judd- What a great little boy! He is so sweet! He is now going to sleep without crying when I lay him down.

I am so glad that the weather is warmer so that we can play outside more.

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