In an earlier post I mentioned that Sonny’s BBQ was special to Jim and me. I guess I will explain today.

Before Jim and I officially started dating we both drove two hours to a Christmas expo in Charlotte, NC. I was still in GA and he was in Seminary at the time. Two of my girlfriends, Jessica Goheen (now Moody)and Melissa, and I decided to drive to this expo. JIm thought it would be fun to meet us there. *side note* after being married to him for almost 5 years I know that this trip was a sacrifice for him and he only wanted to be with me. He is not big on Christmas Decorating and he doesn’t like shopping. this makes me smile*end side note* After we finished shopping Jim talked us into going to eat at Sonny’s in Charlotte. Jim and I sat down and ordered the exact same thing and we ate the bread the same way. This meal was just one of the many light bulb moments during our short dating relationship. We have eaten at that Sonny’s many times since our first lunch and we love to retell the story when we are there.

Another excting trip was when Jim took me to eat at Sonny’s in Warner Robins the day that we go engaged. How perfect!

Lastly, we ate at Sonny’s in Buford for lunch the day that I went in to labor with Jake.

Who would have thought that this one restaurant would hold so many special memories for the Perdue family.

p.s. We tried to eat at Sonny’s to help induce Judd, but it just didn’t work. 🙂

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