Preach like Daddy….

Ever since we moved to TN, Jim had been wearing ties on Sundays thus making Jake want a tie to wear “like daddy.” A couple weeks ago I went shopping with a lady in our church. I passed by the little boys department and decided to get Jake a tie. He has been wanting to wear it to church, but we don’ have any dress shoes and I just don’t think a tie and New Balance “go” together so I told him that I would get him some dress shoes this week.

We went to the store yesterday and found some dress shoes for Jake. He was so excited he wore them all over the store. When we were checking out he told the cashier, ” Look I have shoes, now I can wear my tie and preach like my daddy.” Priceless……
edit…we had to return the shoes so now he has black cowboy boots which are just as great to preach in.:-)

So this Sunday, Jake will be wearing his shirt, tie, khakis, boots, and preaching like daddy……..

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