Baby Trey Update

On Jim’s birthday, November 29, we had our 20 week sonogram. This was a great sonogram. We got to see many pictures of the baby. At this point, we have a breech thumb sucker. Also, the baby was sure to keep its legs crossed and the umbilical cord in between the legs. We have a great picture to prove it.
Below are a few pictures from the sonogram. If you would like to view Jim’s favorite go to his blog.

This is the picture of its legs crossed.

This is our baby sucking its thumb.

This is a picture of the face and hands.

2 thoughts on “Baby Trey Update

  1. baby trey looks great!! 🙂
    Thanks again for letting me come visit y’all! I had a great time!

    Thank you for sending my cell phone charger! I got it in the mail on monday!

    love you guys!

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