New Pictures of the Boys

I haven’t posted any new pictures of the boys lately. Since we have been sick for so many months it has been hard even take pictures much less post.

This picture is of Jake. This morning he came running in my room while I was getting dressed. This the outfit he had picked out. I thought it was great! I love the UGA and the cowboy boots. All he kept telling me was,”Mom, I am a Georgia fan.”

Tonight I took pictures of them in the bathtub. Bath time is a good time to take pictures because they are contained:-)

Sweet brothers!!

5 thoughts on “New Pictures of the Boys

  1. Ok, so I just realized that you have a blog. HA! I guess we talk on the phone to know what is going on with each other, but it was great to see pics of the boys and your belly! 🙂

  2. I am totally digging the cowboy boots with the red and black pants, he learned that from Jim, right? Teasing. They are getting so big! It was great to talk to you yesterday, hope everything is going great!

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