Jake Turns Three

I can’t believe that my oldest baby is three years old!

This has been a great couple of days with a couple of emotional moments. 

For several months we have been telling Jake that he was moving into his big bed when he turned three. For those of you that didn’t know, Jake loved this crib. I think he would have stayed in it until he went to high school. 
On Tuesday the day before his birthday, I put him down in his crib for the last time. It was at that moment that I realized he was getting big. After I laid him down I called Jim at work and started crying….. I was sad because that was the last time I was ever going to put him in his crib. It was just one of those mommy moments!

Wednesday: February 27-The Big Day
Jake and I spent the morning together cleaning house and then Jim came home at lunch to spend the rest of the day with us. After lunch, Jim and Jake took the crib apart and gave it to Baby Girl. Jake was excited to give his sister the crib, however, he did ask us if he could have his bed back after she was finished using it. We told him yes. By the way, he will be five or six and I don’t think he will want it back at that point.

Once we got the bed set up in the baby’s room, we opened presents and then it was time to take a nap. This was the moment we had been anticipating. Jake climbed in the big bed and didn’t fuss at all. We were excited, no crying. He didn’t nap at all, but he didn’t cry so we were pleased. That night he went right to sleep and we haven’t had any problems with the transition. Once again, Jake has proven to transition very well. I am so thankful!

Sleeping through the night:

Jim and I gave him a play shot gun or as Jake calls it a “shoot” gun. He LOVES it. 

Friday: February 29- The Party
We celebrated Jake’s party on Friday night. He was allowed to invite three friends since he was three years old. We had a Diego Party. It was very small, but he enjoyed having his friends over to play. I was thankful that my mom was able to be hear. She flew in on Thursday and is leaving Sunday. It is great to have people from home visit.

Saturday: March 1- Go Diego Go
This morning was the end of Jake’s birthday. Jim and I bought him tickets to go see Diego Live. We got up this morning and drove to Memphis to watch the show. He enjoyed seeing Diego and Baby Jaguar. I was nervous buying the tickets, but he really did enjoy going. 

Happy Birthday Jake!

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  1. I can completely understand you crying about the last time in the crib. Changing into a “big kid bed” is really a big step. It makes them seem so old!

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