Thinking of You, Jim

This post is for my sweet husband:

This is a list of the 100 reasons why I love you…


  1. loves the Lord with all his heart, mind, soul and strength
  2. loves me more than I deserve
  3. is a great Daddy
  4. has an incredible work ethic
  5. is very wise
  6. makes me feel secure by providing so well for me and the family
  7. makes me feel secure because he is always loyal and faithful
  8. his kisses are terrific!
  9. is my favorite person to be with.
  10. a great leader
  11. is an incredible husband
  12. loves me unconditionally
  13. loves to be at home; it is his favorite place
  14. is always ready to play with the boys
  15. always knows the “right” thing to say
  16. is always cool, calm, and collected.

  17. is positive
  19. is understanding.  He has to be with a nutty wife like me!

  20. is brilliant
  21. studies God’s word faithfully
  22. has devotions with our  children
  23. serves me
  24. prays for me and our children
  25. prays for my family
  26. reads my blog
  27. is neat
  28. is understanding when the house is a mess
  29. does dishes
  30. doesn’t like coffee
  31. doesn’t like chocolate
  32. has put up with me faithfully for 5 years.
  33. loves Georgia football
  34. loves football
  35. loves baseball
  36. is self-controlled
  37. spurs me on to righteousness.
  38. loves to encourage me after long days with the boys
  39. eats whatever I cook
  40. is willing to let me use all my words at the end of the day, even when he is very sleepy
  41. is really good with money
  42. is teaching the boys how to be godly men
  43. is an awesome Pastor
  44. is an excellent preacher
  45. preaches the Gospel with passion
  46. looks so sexy in a suit…My preacher man
  47. plays the guitar
  48. sings better than me
  49. can type faster than me
  50. he still loves me, when I am grumpy
  51. he is my best friend
  52. he always puts me before himself
  53. he completes me
  54. holds the key to my heart
  55. is simply irresistible
  56. has a very forgiving heart
  57. IS my better half
  58. loves me without make-up
  59. loves me when I stay in my pj’s all day
  60. he compliments me
  61. is sensible
  62. teaches me how to be more like Jesus
  63. wants to honor God in every area of his life
  64. makes many animal noises
  65. has been used by the Lord in so many ways to help me.
  66. is a willing vessel
  67. reads a lot
  68. will go shopping with me even though he doesn’t like to shop
  69. is gentle in speech
  70. has great vocabulary and understands grammar rules
  71. loves to study God’s word.
  72. loves his boys and wants to see them love Jesus more than anything else
  73. is very supportive
  74. has dimples- Very Cute DimplesJ
  75. is so cute
  76. I love how he makes me feel when I think I am nothing
  77. loves music
  78. takes wonderful care of us
  79. keeps me focused
  80. rarely complains
  81. is almost perfect…I said almost…just in case he reads this 😉
  82. loves racquetball
  83. loves to have family time
  84. loves to watch the boys play
  85. works really hard
  86. is silly
  87. helps with the boys more than any other dad I know.
  88. is tender
  89. I know he was chosen for me by the Lord.
  90. is definitely a kindred spirit.
  91. likes my friends
  92. they like him
  93. inspires me
  94. I love him more than I did the day I married him.
  95. Things are better when he is around
  96. Things are easier to manage if I can feel his hand in mine
  97. Things are easier to decide if I can talk to him
  98. Sleep is definitely easier if he is beside me
  99. I love sharing my life with him
  100. My husband is more than worthy of respect. I pray that I bring honor to him.


2 thoughts on “Thinking of You, Jim

  1. WOW! I’m not quite sure a comment of any size would be equal to your post. Thanks babe…I love you!

    I take exception to #57 though. I don’t think that one is true at all.

  2. Such a great post!! I would like to hear all of these many animal noises! ha ha!!!
    What a sweet post! I’ll have to copy you and do one for Travis. Doesn’t it make life so much more worth living when you’ve found a man that makes you and your life so much better?! And what makes it even better is that they feel the same way about us!!!
    love you Steph-

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