Easter Projects

This is a picture of the projects Jake and I complete the week of Easter. Judd did make one of the palm branches at the top. It was hard to get him to stop eating the tissue paper, but he had fun. 

We started on Palm Sunday and did various activities throughout the week. We also read Benjamin’s Box and hunted the Resurrection Eggs throughout the week. He loved finding the eggs and discussing what was in each one. Then on Sunday morning we made Resurrection rolls. They were yummy!

Here are a few of the questions Jake asked me while we were making the cross picture:
Mommy, why did that man on the other cross make a bad decision and not want to go to heaven with Jesus? 
Mommy, if those men beside Jesus had to die because they did bad things then why did Jesus have to die if He never did anything bad? 
This one will make you laugh:
“Mommy, does Jesus and Baby Trey live in your heart?”
“No sir, just Jesus lives in my heart. Baby Trey is in my belly.”

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