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Jim has started something called Quote of the Day. I thought I would share several things Jake has said to me since Anna Kate was born. I know that Jim would never post these quotes.

While I was pregnant with Anna Kate Jake always asked about my belly and he would ask me if it would be small again after the baby came out. I would tell him yes.

The first belly comment came three days after Anna Kate was born. Jake and I took her to the pediatrician for a check up. While we were waiting I picked him up to look out the window and he asked me if my belly was little again. Of course, I told him yes! My sweet little boy looks down and rubs my belly and says “It’s not that little mommy.” Thanks Jake:-)

The second comment came several days later. All of us were playing upstairs. The boys love to tickle and blow on our bellies. They were blowing on Jim’s and then Jake started tickling my belly. As soon as he started I could tell by the look on his face that he was thinking something. This is what he said as he was pushing on my belly, “Mommy, your belly is so squishy.” Once again, Thanks Jake:-)
Little ones keep you humble!

5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Stephy, your little Jake is a hoot! I’m sure you look great and your belly will be firm again in no time. One of our friend’s three year old told me it still looked like I had a baby in my belly the day we came home from the hospital with Michael, then a few minutes later he said it looked like I had a puppy in there. Kids come up with all kinds of things! Love ya!

  2. Love this!!! It is amazing what they will say. My first graders kept asking me if I had the baby, of course I pointed to my belly and said, “No, this is the baby.” When I went up to the school a few weeks ago, this same little one looked at the baby and then right over to my belly! He didn’t say anything, but it was written all over his face! Too cute!

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