Prayer for my G-Daddy

In May of 2006 I asked for prayer for my g-daddy.
“While we were down we found out that my g-daddy has cancer in the lymph nodes in his neck. He is having surgery May 17 and they will be removing several major arteries and nerves from his neck and down his right arm. Please pray that God will calm his fears over the next few weeks and that this surgery will be what is needed to heal him. We will not know until after the surgery, but he may have to do chemo or radiation. Just pray when it comes to mind. God is always in control and all sufficient.”

Well over th past several weeks he has found out the the cancer has returned in the same place in his neck. On Wednesday, May 7, he will have this surgery again, but this time it will be much more complicated and severe. Please once again pray that the surgery will go well without any complications and that all the cancer is removed. This is no other treatment for this type of cancer so we are praying that the doctors can removed all of the affected areas and that God will guide their hands as this is a very difficult surgery to perform. Thank you for your prayers once again.

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