Last Tuesday several girls and I took our kids to the Memphis Zoo. They have something called Tennessee Tuesdays. If you have a Tennessee License then you get in for free after 2:00 p.m. I must admit this was QUITE an adventure. My friend, Jessica, met at my house and some how we loaded five kids, all 3 and under (with car seats) and two double strollers into my Trailblazer. She arrived at my house at 2:30 and we left at 3:00. Yes, it took us 30 minutes to get everything packed. I don’t think that we realized that it was going to be such a “zoo” going to the zoo.

When we arrived both of the babies needed to be fed so we sat in the car for 30 minutes and fed them and then we slowly but surely got everyone out of the car, lathered in sunscreen, and loaded into their designated stroller seats or front pack in Anna Kate’s case. I really wish you could have seen us. I know that we looked like a big bundle of chaos.

The zoo was fun and it impressed the big boys. Judd really enjoyed the elephants, which he was able to see at the Atlanta Zoo a week or so earlier. They all thought the gorilla and sea lions were neat. We walked around the whole zoo and then we decided to go eat at Moe’s. Jake and Judd love Moe’s so I thought it would be somewhat relaxing…wrong! It was crazy! While we were eating, I was at the table with all of the kids except for one and a lady walked by and shook her head at me, as to say “you poor thing” I very sweetly responded “They aren’t ALL mine.” It was funny and all the girls laughed. Once again the babies needed to be fed so we hung out in the Moe’s parking lot after dinner to feed them and then we headed home. We arrived back at my house at 8:45 p.m. just in time to put the sweet babies to bed.

Here are a couple of pictures. As you can tell Jake and Cooper had the most fun playing in the water. So I ask myself, why did we go through all this so they could play in the water? Memories… that’s why!

Two of the five car seats.

Jake really wanted to pet the goat.

pure joy

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  1. A trip that seems simple sure does turn into something different when you have a bunch of kids. I don’t know about you, but sometimes those trips make me wonder if it’s even worth trying…at least until they’ve made it to double digits. 🙂

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