Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to the love of my life!
I am married to one of the best dad’s in the whole world. He loves his family and he loves being a dad. He truly enjoys every minute. He sings silly songs and has silly nicknames for the kids that make them laugh. Most importantly, he loves his boys and wants to see them love Jesus more than anything else.

Jim, thank you for your faith and how important it is to you to share it with me and the kids. Thank you for loving us in so many ways. Thank you for coming home everyday always ready to play “dead gorilla ,“roll them up”, have devotions with our children, or just enjoy a nice afternoon in the water. Thank you….

Yes, we did get Jim a tie this year, BUT he also got two suits and a shirt. He wore one to church today and I must say that he is a fine looking man! **we took pictures, but they didn’t look so hot***

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad
Thank you for always loving me, your princess. Thanks for being such a great listener. I have always been able to talk to you and I always knew that you would lend an ear whenever I needed to talk. You have always worked so hard to give me everything I need and just about everything I wanted. Bad thing or not, I was spoiled. At least I recognize it, right? Thanks for the past three years. I am so glad that you are apart of our life. My boys love Papa Wayne.

Happy Father’s Day to Benny (a.k.a Mr. Brown)
Thanks for all of you love, support, and encouragement through the years. You are a great step-dad and I am thankful you are in my life. Thank you for your advice and your willingness to serve others. Thank you for investing my family. We love you, Sweet Papa.

Happy Father’s Day to Mr. Sonny
Thank you for your son. I want to say thank you for the teaching him to be a godly man, to love his wife and family, to work hard, and most of all thanks for teaching him to love Jesus. Thank you for loving my children and being such a great Big Buddy.

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  1. after your fathers day post, especially the one to mr. sonny….I have water in my eyes! You should be the next Karen Kingsbury, with the way you write sometimes!! ps-I like your long hair!


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