Tonight I was in the attic and I came across the standards that I wrote in July of 01 for the man I was going to marry. I had dated a couple of guys since becoming a Christian and I felt that I really didn’t have any standards for the man God wanted me to marry. Over the course of several weeks, I prayed and this is the list of standards that I felt encompassed the man that God wanted me to marry. I knew that I would never marry a man unless he met all 31 standards without me telling him the standards. I had come to a point in my life where I was tired of mediocre and I wanted God’s best and I was willing to wait forever. Jim and I met October of 01 and the rest is history……
1. Growing Christian (Loves the Lord more than He loves Me)
2. Spiritual Leader/Willing and Wanting to Teach Me
3. Gentleman
4. Has a High Respect for His Sisters in Christ
5. Believes All of the Bible
a. 2 Corinthians 5:17-19
b. Isaiah 5:17-19
6. Is able to communicate (talk and listen)
7. My Best Friend
8. Prays with me/for me
9. Will never ask me to compromise myself/standards/purity/always asks permission
10. Patient
11. Slow to anger
12. Country yet conservative (adventurous yet romantic)
13. Likes to travel
14. Has a sense of humor
15. Loves His Family
16. Adores Me
17. Wants lots of Children
18. Works Hard
19. Accepts my faults
20. Gracefully and truthfully corrects my faults
21. Bring flowers/sends cards
22. Dedicated to his ministry
23. Likes working with young people
24. Accepts/Loves/Prays for my family
25. Wants me to be a “homemaker”
26. A servants heart
27. Looking for a helper, soul mate, His “Eve”
28. Has prepared to be the person He wants to marry
29. Plays guitar/sings/worships through music
30. Encourages me
31. Not afraid to share his love for me with other people (I shouldn’t be a secret)

Dear Lord,
May I be all that I am committed to desire, and may I never settle for anything less than your best. May I fulfill all of theses standards. May I prepare to be the person I want to marry. Lord, help me to see only with your eyes, think only with your mind, and love only with your heart. I have given you my heart to do with what you please. May I never have it back until the appointed divine time. Lord, help me to remain pure in character and stay focused on YOU. Make me a woman of excellence in Your time. No matter what it takes!! I love you, thank you!!!
Because You Loved Me First,

4 thoughts on “Standards

  1. Hey Stephanie,

    I remember a number of years ago hearing about “the list” and a few things on it. I’m so thankful God prompted you to pen the list that led you to Jim. You both are a blessing to many! And the bonus for you is that Jim can also sing “Victory (bictowee) in Jesus” while standing on the coffee table in cowboy boots. I’ll never forget that one!


  2. Aunt Betsy-
    It seems like I’ll never live down those toddler days!!!

    It’s truly amazing to see how God brought us together. There’s no doubt (and there never was any doubt) that He’s the one who set us up. I sure do love you and I thank God for you every day!

  3. Stephanie and Jim,
    We are so thankful to our awsome God that sent your family to Crosspointe Baptist Church in Millington, Tn. We still have a long was to go but every Sunday just gets a little better in seeing what God can do for us and wonder if it can happen but we all know that God can and will if we will just let him go.
    I always have enjoyed reading both of your blogs because in such a big church it is so hard to learn the wife,pastor and his family and this is my way of learning who the person you are trying to be and what is in your heart and soul.
    I do not blog only read and just wanted to let both of you know how wonderful again it is to have you teach us about God’s word.

    Love in Christ,

    Larry and Kathy Fisher

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