Going Out: Covered Up but not Made Up

Last night Jim had a late meeting and I needed a few things from the store. I never go to Kroger, but they had Chicken on sale so I decided to pick up my needed items and some chicken breasts. Around 5:30 I packed the kids up and off we went. Did I mention that I had on a hat, t-shirt, jean capri pants, flip flops, and NO make up. You know that you have experienced those days that you hope you can make it in and out of the store without anyone seeing you, this was one of those days:-0 (Yes, I am sure you know where this is going)

Well, I get all of the babies in the cart and walk in Kroger. I was in the produce section discussing the proper way to behave in the grocery store with jake when, you guessed it I saw someone I knew….. We smile wave and I just chuckle thinking how hilarious I look with all of these children in Kroger. Several aisles later I see some one else I know, then some one keeps staring at me and I think maybe I know them too, then I see two more ladies that are picking up a few things before dinner. WOW! I am starting to think everyone was at Kroger. I love seeing people out, but I would prefer having looked a little more presentable.:-)

As a mother of three children ages three and under, make up and hair don’t always make it to the top of the list everyday (most days). I can’t promise that I will be made up, but I do believe that God desires for us to be covered up. I believe that modesty should be a desire of all women and that mommies and teenage girls need to honor the Lord in the way we dress. Summer is always hard especially when it is 106 degrees, but just like I used to tell my high school girls on youth retreats, if it isn’t for sale then you shouldn’t be advertising it.

5 thoughts on “Going Out: Covered Up but not Made Up

  1. I only have one kiddo to take care of and my hair and makeup still don’t make it to the top of my list. There’s no telling what I’ll look like when I have three (or more)!

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