We have a new cat. We picked her up two weeks ago. We have a mole problem in our back yard and we hope that she will get them. Jim named her Spot. She is an OUTSIDE cat. Jim and I aren’t cat fans, but we dislike moles more. Actually, Spot is very sweet with the boys.We are trying to teach them that when she meows it is not a good sound, but prrrrr means she likes what they are doing. It is a hard concept to grasp especially when meow is so funny. So far we know that she can swim and that she doesn’t like to hang by her tail…..

5 thoughts on “Spot

  1. I can’t believe it!!! My daughter broke down and allowed my precious grandsons to have a kitten. I hope they enjoy Spot as much as they enjoy the cats at Sweet Papas and Memas.

  2. Love all the pictures of the boys and the cat! So cute!
    Yeah I’m school in two weeks! I got into Gainesville State College. I’m going to be studying psychology and then eventually speech pathology. I’m excited!

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