Gas vs Diesel

This morning while we were waiting for Jim at church Jake went into Anna Kate’s class to visit with her and her teacher. A few minutes later several of the preschool ladies were laughing very loudly. One came and got me and told me to go talk to Anna Kate’s teacher because she had a story to tell me.

Here’s the story:

Sally (name changed to protect identity):-), Anna Kate’s teacher, was holding Anna Kate and she began to smell something. She said “Anna do you have a dirty diaper” and after completing the one finger diaper check she realized Anna Kate was still clean. She then said, “Anna Kate did you have some gas.” Jake said “huh” so Sally being funny looked a Jake and said ” Well, Jake did you have some gas”

Drum roll….
Jake said “No, I have diesel”

5 thoughts on “Gas vs Diesel

  1. That Jake is all about some diesel. He is always talking to Papa Benny about his “diesel” truck. If we go anywhere he wants to ride in Papa’s “diesel” truck.

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