Who’s the Boss?

Jim and I are so proud of Judd. He is almost 22 months old and he is becoming a chatter box. He really didn’t say much until after the tubes were inserted and healed. It is truly amazing how much he is saying. Jim said the other day “I think that Judd is learning new words every hour.” In his newly found language skills, he has become somewhat expressive of his opinions, some people call it bossy. I would like to share a dialogue that I overheard between Jim and Judd.

Judd came running up to Jim. Judd is looking up at Jim with his arms stretched high.
“up” “up” “da da”
Jim picked him up. Usually we would have made him say please but it was early and we were still trying to wake up:-)
“out” “out” “out” as he was continuously pointing to go outside to see the cat
Jim’s response in a kind, fun, yet firm voice: “Judd man you are not the boss. Daddy is the boss.”
Judd replies “no me boss”

Don’t you just love them!

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