The Hearts of Man

As I read my Bible today, I was studying the persecution of the apostles right after the Day of Pentecost and I became so burdened for our country. I know many of you that read this blog have already decided who you will vote for, but I fear that if the wrong candidate is elected in 7 days we may very soon face this same persecution as Christians.

As I was reading, I saw that they were persecuted over and over again. Then I read “that they rejoiced that they were considered worthy to suffer shame for His name”, “that they kept right on preaching Jesus”, and “take note of their threats and grant Your bond servants may speak Your word with all confidence.”

There will come a time when we will suffer for His name, but I pray that just as in Acts if we preach Christ many will come to know Him through a real relationship. My God is a powerful God that can bring the dead to life and I know that He can change the hearts of man.

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