P is for Pumpkin

This week we have been learning the letter P. Monday we “p”ainted “p”umpkins that we made out of brown lunch bags. Jake and Judd loved making them. Today we glued “p”asta on a “p”ink P traced on to a “p”urple ‘p”iece of “p”aper. Judd didn’t enjoy glueing the pasta as much as he enjoyed eating it. While the pasta was drying we played with “p”laydooh making “P”‘s and pumpkins with cookie cutters.

Judd is supposed to painting the stem green, but he thought it looked better on the pumpkin.

I must say Jake was very serious about his pumpkin. He did a great job following directions and he painted his pumpkin all by himself.

Oh the fun with the letter P. Maybe I should have saved the letter P for when we start Potty training Judd…

Did you enjoy the emphasis on the letter P?

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