Potty Training Judd

For several months now I have been debating when to start potty training Judd. He has sat on the potty and does well going tinkle and #2.(many of you know that I don’t call it any of the normal names.) I just couldn’t figure out when to make it official. When do we move ahead and never turn back….

Early this week, Judd brought me a diaper in the morning so that I could change his wet diaper. So I changed him and then he went to the other side of the room and filled it up. He then came back and wanted me to change him again. It was at that moment I knew it was time. My window of opportunity was open and I better not miss it.

Yesterday morning, I went to change Judd and realized I was out of diapers so instead of getting a new pack I decided that we would start training right then. We went immediately to the potty and we have never looked back.

Once again I am following the modified version of the 7 days and $75 method. The general idea is parents stay at home with the child for several days and allow the child to walk around the house naked all day long. The potty is put out so it is constantly available to the child. Parents regularly remind the child to use the potty when necessary. Rosemond argues that children won’t tolerate urine and feces running down their legs, and will quickly learn to go to the potty to avoid accidents. The $75 is for carpet cleaning.

Judd’s first trip to the potty he didn’t go. I set the timer on the microwave for 20 minutes. When it beeped we ran to the bathroom. He sat and went just a little. Set the timer again…it went his pants….timer beeped. Set timer….HE WENT! He smiled so BIG! It was great..This went on for three hours. He would tinkle a little and then he would have an accident. So his reward is to flush the toliet and wash his hands. He was pumped!

I guess you are wondering if he went #2. Well here is that story: right after dinner we sat on the potty. I knew that he would have to go #2 because he ALWAYS does after he puts food in his mouth. so we tried. NO luck! So we sat and read books. Finally, I realized what we were missing…..rewards!!! Jake was allowed to blow out candles for going on the potty and I hadn’t determined what Judd’s reward would be before starting. I thought for a second and I knew my Judd would LOVE candy. He never gets candy so I knew this would be the greatest reward. I grabbed some SMARTIES. I sat on the stool in front of him and said, “Do you want some candy?” His face lit up and he said YES! I told him to push it out of his bottom and he could have some, low and be hold, he shot a rocket out of there, and looked at me and said “candy, candy.” A few seconds later, I said “do you have anymore”. He said “no”, I said “do you want more candy?” another rocket 🙂 as you can see I figured out Judd’s secret to success…smarties! When he was finished going #2 in the potty and he is off looking in the toilet to see what just happened. I did the potty dance and everybody joined us to see what Judd had accomplished.

I am not quite sure if I would declare this day a “success,” but it was a great start!

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  1. Great job! We are going through the same thing with Avery. I believe she is ready, but not sure it the best idea with a brand new baby. Everyone offers advice and I’m not sure what to do. The bad thing is we are about to get brand new carpet for the bedrooms in a couple of weeks. The running around with no diaper scares me with new carpet!


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