The Many Faces of Judd

One night recently, Jim and I had the pleasure of spending some alone time with Judd. The other kiddos were asleep so we just played with Judd and of course he wanted to eat. He asked “me strawberries, that’s fine?”

As the three of us were sitting at the table Judd starts making all of these funny faces. I ran to get my camera so that I could capture the moment. He was hysterical. Jim and I just laughed at him which made him perform even more. It was a fun night with lots of good memories. Without further ado, here are the many faces of Judd…

4 thoughts on “The Many Faces of Judd

  1. I was looking at the new 365 pictures and as adorable and loving as our 3rd babies are..they could do some damage if the two of them were left alone together. can you say CURIOUS!!

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