Really?? At Four!

Jake’s newest thing is to tell me he doesn’t want to wear something because he doesn’t want anyone to see him in “that.” In the past few days, he has said the following…

“Mom, I don’t want to wear those pants they are too short.” (In his defense, quite a few of his pants are too short)
“Jake, they are not too short. These blue jeans are perfect. The bottom of the jean is on your foot.”
“But,(with tears in his eyes) mommy, they are too short and I don’t want people to see me wearing them. They will say “hey look at that short man.”” (What! Where did that come from?)
“Jake, mommy has asked you to wear them and now you need to put them on.”

I was also told in another instance that his clothes weren’t “cool”. Cool, seriously?? I know that this is something we have to deal with but what in the world does a four year old know about being cool.

I guess we will get uniforms in the Perdue home. This will eliminate the need for a choice.:-)

3 thoughts on “Really?? At Four!

  1. Well. . . With a houseful of boys, when they were toddlers/preschoolers we did have a uniform of sorts. Shorts (khaki or blue jean) and polo shirts (usually solid primary color — depended what I could find on sale, and then bought multiples.) When we went to the store or park, I usually dressed them in matching shirts. Much easier to find four blond boys in green shirts in a crowd of kids at the playground!)

    Now that they are older (and help more with their laundry!) they have more variety and choice.

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