GOOOOOO Crickets!

With all of the activities surrounding Easter and celebrating our Risen Savior we found time to sandwich in Jake’s first soccer game. His team is the Crickets. We find the name quite humorous but almost all of the teams are some type of insect. Very bizarre!

As soon as Jake found a few eggs at the Crosspoint Egg Hunt we rushed to the car changed clothes, hugged Papa Wayne goodbye, jumped in the car and quickly made our way to Valentine Park. Did I mention that the “we” is me and the three kids? Jim had to stay behind at the egg hunt to say good bye and do a few things before coming to the game.

SO… I pulled in the park and there were people and cars EVERYWHERE! Little people running up and down quite a few fields. I just kept looking for our precious little Crickets as I tried to find a place to park. Needless to say, I finally found a spot and wouldn’t you know that both Judd and Anna Kate had fallen asleep. As I got out I tried to figure out how I was supposed to get Jake to his team, two sleeping babies, three chairs, a stroller, a cooler, and a soccer bag to the correct field in less than 2 minutes. Just so happens I saw a family that had a little boy that played on our team and I asked them if they would take Jake over to the field for me as I figured out how to get the rest of the babies and stuff.

Step by Step:
Get stroller out
Get Judd out, but Judd doesn’t wake up… He is knocked out! I really needed him to walk so that Anna Kate could sit in the stroller.
Plan B
Judd goes in the stroller
Chairs attached to my back
Diaper bag and cooler go under the stroller
Anna Kate is once again attached to my hip.

I know that I must have looked like the National Lampoons Goes to the Soccer Field. It is really funny thinking back as I type all of this. Finally, I make it to the field just in time for the start of the game and wouldn’t you know here comes my awesome husband to help coach Jake. I just find the timing perfect. He didn’t get to see the pre-game comic relief.

Here are a few pictures of our first soccer game.

Judd did eventually wake up. He watched Jake for a minute then he and Anna Kate proceeded to eat all of the crackers I packed in the bag.

Jake enjoyed playing, however, I don’t think he really grasp the concept until the very end. He kept thinking someone was going to kick the ball to him. I am sure this will probably happen when he gets a little older, but at four its every player for himself/herself.

By the way, We Won! GO Crickets! Gooooo #10!

3 thoughts on “GOOOOOO Crickets!

  1. You make me laugh so hard. Insects, seriously? I don’t know if I would be able to handle that, I am not too fond of bugs myself. Love the pictures of Judd, he is hilarious!

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