Goals Update

1. Memorize 24 verses (2 each month)-Regrettably, I haven’t done very well at completing this task. I am still working to memorize I am not happy with how it is going so far.
2. Run Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta on July 4th-I have been training since March 15. I was up to 4.7 miles on May 11. THEN and NOW I have Achilles Tendinitis. I have rested for a week and I tried to run this morning. It wasn’t to painful but I still felt pulling so I am not sure what I should do not. I can run on it but I don’t want to cause any permanent damage. I am icing it, resting and taking Motrin until Monday.
3. Read the following books- I am crossing books off of my list. Currently I am reading, “One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven.”

  • The Heavenly Man
  • 90 Minutes in Heaven
  • Disciples of a Godly Family
  • There’s Gotta Be MORE!
  • Love and Respect
  • Don’t Make Me Count to Three
  • One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven

5. Complete a Home Management Folder
6. Paint and Decorate the Playroom- It was painted this week. Now I have to get it decorated.
7. Decorate the Living Room
8. Facilitate a Bible Study
10. Do a self-guided study through the Book of Proverbs

I am slowing crossing things off of my list. I am happy with my progress except for the verse memorization.

6 thoughts on “Goals Update

  1. Don’t get discouraged with the scripture memory. It is very challenging. I pick one verse a week and write it on sticky notes or note cards and put them where I will see them most (mirrors, dashboard, fridge, Bible, etc.) I have also found it helps to recite them to my family, animals, friends (anyone or anyhting that will listen) Keep it up it is very rewarding.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your injury. I know how much you have been enjoying that and how much it challenges you. Praying for a speedy recovery!

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