June Recap

Since I am so behind in my posts I am going to try and catch up with one post. On June 14, we left Memphis to go to Youth Retreat in Panama City Beach. We stopped in Birmingham to meet Mrs. Mary so that she could take the kids to Georgia for the week while Jim and I went on to Florida. Mom was able to come up and spend a few days helping Mrs. Mary watch the kids. Actually, I think they helped each other a lot and they slept well each night.

The kids were able to swim, play at the Mansion and have a very fun day at the Atlanta Zoo. Here is a recap of their week in pictures.

The kids sleep almost the whole way to Birmingham. It was the MOST amazing ride that we have ever experienced traveling with our children.

Yes, that is Anna Kate sleeping under her blankets. It is the only way she will fall alsleep. No, I didn’t leave her like that the whole time.
A rare occasion for us. Jake is napping and he is napping in the car! I am telling you, it was a GREAT ride.
Sweet Baby Judd, you can always count on him to sleep.

In the car with Nana, awake, all buckled up and ready to go to Georgia.

Monkey Boy, Judd!

Good Job, Judd!
Jake had a lot of fun feeding the birds.
I don’t think she was very interested in the birds.

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