My Morning

Good morning world…

Actually let me start around 1:00 yesterday afternoon.

I am sitting outside with Anna Kate reading the mail when Jake comes banging on the door..MOM!!!! Hurry Judd went to the bathroom on the floor. I take off running.

Poor Judd had been complaining that his belly hurt so I wasn’t surprised to see that he didn’t quite make it to the potty to “release his lunch.” He was able to get his clothes off but didn’t make it on top of the potty. He was very upset that he made a mess! I walk in the help him and clean up and I hear Jake behind me gagging. I tell him “go to your room, buddy.” I didn’t want him throwing up while I was cleaning Judd’s mess.

Ok, back to this morning….

I am brushing my teeth. Judd came in my room and said, “Anna Kate went potty on the floor.” I said “no she didn’t she has a diaper on.” Jake said OHHHH YESSSS SHE DID!” I am thinking, what are they talking about? I look at her and she has a diaper on and she is clean.??? hummmmmmm

Well, I tell the boys to go brush their teeth and I walk behind them to go check out Anna’s mess. GUESS WHAT? I had forgotten to throw her dirty diaper away so she decided to open it up and dump it on the floor. I just start cleaning it up and all the sudden I hear gag, gag, splat. Yes, Jake threw up on the floor after seeing Anna Kate’s dirtiness on the floor. At this moment, I just start laughing. Jake starts saying,”Why did that make me throw up?”

How has poop defined my life for the last two days?

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