This School Week

We have enjoyed another week of school. It has been a short week since it was Labor Day and we had a fun visit with my mom. She has not been hear since March so I was very happy to have her here for a few days.

We read and did activities with The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. We had fun reading about this disobedient rabbit. We also learned the Letter B and C. Jake has not really enjoyed handwriting but he is learning and I am learning patience. I have pretty high expectations but I am realizing that he needs to build up to writing a whole page. Duh!

The boys painted a picture using water color since Beatrix Potter used watercolor in her original illustrations of Peter Rabbit. (Don’t you just love the paint shirts. I have been using them since Jake was 15 months old. I love them and I never washed them. I plan to keep them forever.)

We start math assignments this week. I am excited to see how this week goes since it will be “normal.” Whatever normal means in this home.

Thanks Mema for coming and helping us this weekend.

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