Winter is snow much fun!

Last Friday it started snowing…and it snowed…and snowed… and it didn’t stop until Saturday at noon. When it finally stopped we were covered with 9 inches of snow and ice.

We spent the next four days stuck in the house because all of the roads were covered with ice. We even canceled church on Sunday because the parking lot was a huge block of ice.

The kids enjoyed it somewhat but not nearly as uch as they did in March. The ice made it harder to play with and make snowmen. Jim took the boys sledding the first day and they enjoyed sledding down the neighbors hill but that we pretty much the extent of our snow fun. However, my big boy Jake thought it was lots of fun to shovel snow and ice.

This is our house around noon on Friday!

After enjoying an afternoon nap, Jim took the boys back outside to play with the neighbors.

Anna Kate DID NOT like standing on the snow!
Judd enjoyed making snow angels again this winter.
This is Judd sitting on a sled that is being pulled by a 4-wheeler. Are we redneck?
Once again the boy is eating snow! This is his yearly tradition!
Look at that hard worker. He makes me proud!
Look at his snowman. He was so proud!

Finally, I was able to get one picture of the three of them in the snow. This was the best one.

Finally, the baby girl started to enjoy the white stuff….

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