Anna Kate’s 2nd Birthday

On April 9th, our baby girl turned 2. Can you believe 2?

Isn’t she just so precious!

She was not feeling well on her birthday. She ran a fever of 101 and 103 all day. She was just miserable and so were we. Thanks to Motrin she was able to enjoy the rest of the day and all of her presents. Thank you Stuart Adams who invented ibuprofen in the late 50s. (grin)

She was serious about blowing out her candle.

We ate KFC and then she ate her CAKE and ICE SCREAM! She loved it! This is her new smile that started the day before her birthday. It is hilarious!

She got a new kitchen and a lot of food.

Hamburger anyone?

Chef Anna Kate is taking orders!

I love this little girl!

2 thoughts on “Anna Kate’s 2nd Birthday

  1. So glad she felt better to celebrate. Yeah I think great mind think alike b/c Carsyn’s cake is going to be a flower cake as of TOMORROW. Are they really two already?

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