19 weeks Update

This is a recap of the past few weeks.

June 1- Tonight Jim felt the baby kick. It was so fun. His face was priceless. This is the earliest that he has been able to feel any of the babies move. Keep kicking baby. I sure do love you.

June 4- This pregnancy is so very similar to my pregnancies with the boys. I think the only difference at this point is my eating habits. I really crave cereal for dinner most nights and nothing is ever appealing, not to say that food doesn’t taste wonderful it just isn’t appealing when I look at it or try to decide what to cook each night.

Today was my 19 week visit. We were able to do a sonogram today. It was so wonderful to see the baby again. The brain, heart, stomach, kidneys, and bone growth are all fabulous. We saw ten little fingers. We are blessed with such a healthy little baby and we couldn’t be more thrilled to hear the good news. At this point we know the baby is healthy and weighs approximately 12 oz., which is a little less than the boys but we also had the sonogram a week earlier. We can’t wait to see if you are a boy or a girl!

Here is a 19 week prego picture.

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