Day 2 in Elko

Today was another wonderful day in Elko. The temperature reached the high 90’s and the humidity didn’t fail us either.Early this morning, Mr. Bill came and got them and took all three kids to pick plums and play in his worm pit. The worm pit is always a highlight in Elko. He brought them back around lunch and of course the kiddos wanted to play in the water again.

Here goes Day 2 of slip n slide fun.

Watch out he will melt your heart!

Way to go Jake-man!

We tried to get some pictures of the three of them but they wanted to goof off!

Do you like the silly faces?

I left for a few hours to run a few errands so Anna Kate “needed” to call me on her phone.

When did he get so big?

Our day ended with a visit to some good friends house, Jim and Amber Cleghorn. We went to meet their baby boy, Parker. I did take my camera but I didn’t get any pictures of the kids with Parker, maybe next time.

As a side note, Praise the Lord I was able to get 4 new tires today!

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