A Week At The Lake

This summer has been going by so quickly. We have been away from home more than we have been home. However, last week was our last trip away from home.

We celebrated our vacation at Jackson Lake with Jim’s family. This is our family vacation each year. This week always provides loads of fun for all of the cousins and some relaxation for the parents.

We arrived on Monday and left early Friday morning. Jim had to get back to perform a wedding ceremony on Friday night. This week provided us with many memories and maybe a new tradition or two.

This year included a new adventure for our boys. Both of them tried skiing. Jake did get up on the skis. I think they did really well for 5 and 3 and only going to the lake once a year. Hopefully, we can progress next year.

This is life at the lake with 10 kiddos.

For the second year in a row, we were able to enjoy a helicopter ride around Lake Jackson.

More random pictures from the week:

2 thoughts on “A Week At The Lake

  1. OMGoodness! The pictures from the lake are so good! Love the picture of Judd and Jim, Anna Kate alone,Jake up on skis and Judd holding Anna Kates hand. My Grandchildren are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am sooo BLESSED!!

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