Many times I have shouted from the roof tops how much I love Jim Perdue. I have described my admiration for him as a husband, father, and leader. There are many things that I am thankful for when I start thinking about this wonderful man that God has so richly blessed me with to call my husband. However, this post is about how much I love him as a Pastor, my Pastor. This is one that I am not sure I have ever really put into words. Honestly, I think I take it for granted. Just so you know, I love my husband because he really is a great pastor!

Since the tender young age of 17, he felt the calling of God upon his life to be a pastor, the “Shepherd of the Flock.” I knew that when I met and married him. Although, I met, fell in love with and married the man God made to complete me, I also married my future pastor.

I love him because he is authentic, genuine, real; a man of integrity and humility; sincerely compassionate and incredibly generous. Not only that, he is a great pastor.
Being a great pastor takes more than just being a nice guy. He is a really are a great preacher, too.

I love him because he loves God so deeply and fully that he has given his entire life to serve Him in full-time ministry. I love him because he loves His people with such passion. I love him because he loves the church so much. I love the fact that I don’t inwardly shudder with embarassment when he stands behind the pulpit or stop a thousand yawns every time he preaches a sermon.

I love my husband because he is very good at what he does: As the Senior Pastor (CEO), he is a proficient administrator, very knowledgeable with computers and finances. As the Preacher, he is a God honoring and Holy Spirit filled student and communicator of the WORD of God.

It’s a tremendous blessing to be married to a man I can respect and admire, a man who holds the respect of his congregation, his staff, his colleagues, and his family. Lord, help me to show him my love and respect.

Dr. Jim Perdue,
I appreciate the way you lead your me, our family and Crosspointe! I LOVE MY PASTOR!

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  1. Thanks so much…I love you too babe! I read this with tears in my eyes. But I’m trying to figure something out. If you love me so much…why did you put that picture of me on the web?!?!?!

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