The Girl

Anna Kate is trying to stop napping but I am consistently putting her in the bed everyday at nap time. Some days she naps and some days she lays in her bed and sings. However, she isn’t your typical whiny irritable 2 year old when she doesn’t have a nap. She acts goofy! She makes us laugh so much during the evenings when she hasn’t had a nap.

Here are a few pictures from one night recently when she didn’t nap. The pictures were taken one night after dinner. She asked to be excused and went to crawl in Jim’s lap. As soon as she sat down this is what she did:

Here are a few more that I took after breakfast one morning. I was not happy that she decided to take her yogurt and put it all over her face, legs and placemat. However, I knew that I needed to take a picture to remember this moment and she was more than willing to smile for the camera.

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