Happy One Month of Homeschool!

This is how I have felt…

The past month I have gone through a roller coaster of emotions.
I have been excited about homeschool.
I have felt overwhelmed with homeschooling Jake and maintaing order with the other two kids.
Honestly, I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching Jake but it has been very difficult some days with Anna Kate. Judd wants to learn and do school too, but it can be overwhelming to “teach” him also.
Last Monday brought clarity to my life. I had a REALLY emotional day. REALLY Emotional! For those of you that know me, you can understand that I don’t get emotional very often. I must admit that it could be pregnancy hormones and the transition of our life but it was still a bit out of character. My husband was speechless!
This is what we have been through…
Many days of crying, oh not them, ME! (no i will not post a picture)Yes, them too!
This is what I wouldn’t trade…..
It maybe hard to read but it says “Mom I luv yoo”

Since my “episode” we have been doing the majority of school during Anna Kate’s nap time, which has worked out very well. However, we have been able to include her in several of our activities.
We learned about plants and seeds one week so we decided to do a science experiment. I remember doing this as a child. We observed and watched to beans grow for a week.

This is an activity that I found here for Judd to complete during our school time. It is a color wheel that he has to match all of his cars to the correct color portion on the wheel. He enjoyed it, but was disappointed when he realized that we didn’t have any pink cars or trucks. Does Matchbox make a pink monster truck?

One day we were fortunate to find a turtle.

Jake is doing Abeka curriculum for phonics, reading, math and spelling. There is a lot of structure that I throughly enjoy, but it is hard to find time to add extra stuff. One this particular day we practiced addition and subtraction using dominos.

Judd is completing a sheet call domino parking lot that I found here. Both of them enjoyed doing these fun math activities.

They are a blessing to this “teacher,” well technically I am a teacher since I have a license in Georgia and Tennesse, but I love being a mother so much more.

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