The Georgia Capitol

During our visit to Georgia last week, we took advantage of our last opportunity to visit the Georgia Capitol while “Big Buddy” is still in office as the Governor of Georgia. It was a fun visit and the kids really enjoyed seeing Big Buddy’s office. We took some pictures inside and a few outside. Jake enjoyed learning Georgia history for school.

I found this card in Mr. Sonny’s office and couldn’t think of a more appropriate sign for Anna Kate to hold.

The boys enjoyed Big Buddy’s office.

I told Jake that he had to get his picture taken on these steps because almost every kid that graduates from a Georgia elementary school has a picture of themselves on these steps. Usually, they are in a class picture but this is his class:-)

Judd decided he wanted a picture too just not in the same place as Jake.

I spy Judd!

Peek- a- boo, Anna Kate!

Since the State Senators are not in session, we were able to go in the Senate room and take a picture.

A few pictures….

This is Miss Freedom. She stands on top of the Georgia capitol building.

Here the boys are learning about the state symbols.

This is our tour guide…Daddy!

The kids were able to take a picture with Big Buddy just before he started taking pictures for 45 minutes.

We were also able to get a quick family picture before leaving.

Taking a walk around the capitol. By the way, this is where you can find Anna Kate most moments of the day, holding my hand.

Quick prego picture…we didn’t want to leave lil bit out of the fun. (33 weeks)

Do you think they were supposed to climb that tree?
This was a really fun time and we learned a few things about Georgia. I am sure that they will not remember running the halls of the capitol at 5, 3, and 2 but I have pictures to capture the memories.

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