Too Long

It’s official this is the longest I have ever been pregnant. After having three kids and being pregnant with this little bit this is the longest I have ever been pregnant. Jake was born 13 days early, Judd 9 days early, Anna Kate 8 days early, and I am now 7 days away from my due date wondering if I am going to carry this little one until October 27. A whole 40 weeks! I don’t think I can be pregnant for 10 months! Yikes! However, I must say this has been an extremely easy pregnancy. I am still not uncomfortable or miserable. I still enjoy feeling lil bit move around. Actually, I think I will be a little sad when the pregnancy is over.

Although, things are going well for me Jim is extremely anxious to meet this baby. He just really wants to know who is in my belly. Will it be our third boy or second girl?

I go to the doctor for my 39 week check up on Friday. We will see what she has to say. Hopefully, we will have a new baby before next Wednesday. To be honest, Thursday would work. Who wants to go weigh in again? Not me!

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