Birth Day Diaries

4:38 a.m.- pelvic pressure

6:30 a.m. – shower
7:00- intense back labor, normal for this week
7:45- Back labor more intense
8:00- First contraction on way to take kids to the Tuso’s
8:30- Contractions 10 min apart. Called Dr Miller’s office to see if they wanted me to come in to the office or go to the hospital.
9:00- We arrived at the hospital.
9:15-Went to the triage and was hooked up to the monitor
9:45- Moved to a room- contractions stronger. still 6-7 cm nurse called dr to come.
10:00- dr walked in checked me. complete. broke my water. pushed
10:05- Baby Girl Sadie Grace Perdue was born

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