2 months

This has been a long two months. Little Sadie has done a lot of crying, spitting up, and not living on a very good schedule. It has been hard. BUT:

I have figured out that she has a dairy allergy and she has silent reflux. I am no longer eating anything that contains milk, cheese or butter. She is a different little girl. She doesn’t cry very much at all, except for when she wants to be held. She has actually started smiling some of the sweetest smiles. She is nursing well and life is finally feeling somewhat normal, well normal for having a two month old in the house.
She is a wonderful addition to our family. We are all in love with her. She isn’t really partial to anyone holding her except for me, which bothers Jake and Judd at times. They both want to hold her, but she just gets really fussy every time we let them. I am praying that she will eventually let them hold her again so that she can see just how much they love their new baby sister.
Praying for a great 3rd month! Maybe a little more sleep…yeah, that would be nice!

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