Wrapping Up Christmas 2010

This year was very different than the others since moving to Tennessee. In the previous years, we have always stayed in Tennessee until Dec 25 and travel to Georgia after celebrating Christmas morning with our family. Jim and I decided to drive to Elko and spend Christmas Eve at my mom’s house. We knew that we needed to all be together this Christmas season.
On Christmas Eve, we celebrated Christmas with Papa Wayne at my Grandmother’s house. The boys enjoy playing with Papa Wayne.

Before continuing our tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve, Jake helped Mema make our Happy Birthday Jesus cupcakes for Christmas morning. Each child got a new pair of pajamas. The boys received matching Mario Brothers pants. Anna Kate’s pajamas were monkeys and Sadie’s were cuddle bears.

Christmas morning is always fun! I just love stockings! We didn’t have stocking growing up so I enjoy watching my kids open their stockings.

Sadie slept through Christmas morning!

One other difference about the Christmas 2010, is the several lasts we experienced. This was our last Christmas at the Governor’s Mansion.

This year we were able to experience a White Christmas, although we didn’t get to enjoy the snow until the next morning. Don’t these two little girls look “snow” happy together.

This our whole family celebrating our last Christmas dinner at the Mansion.

Opening all the presents…..
Sunday night we took all of the grandkids to Big Buddy’s office at the Capitol to take pictures. They enjoyed taking pictures and then playing in the Capitol for a couple of hours.

This desk picture has a story. We have always taken a picture after each new grandchild/ren. The original picture was taken with Sunni and Mary Kate, the next with Jack and the twins, then Jake, Jack and the twins, etc…However, in 2008 their were three babies born in one year and then in 2010 their were two, Eleanor and Sadie. We started with two grandchildren and ended with twelve. Another point of interest, in each new picture the previous framed picture is sitting on the desk.

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