As Thanksgiving approached this year and we were discussing what we were thankful for, I decided that my word of the year for 2011 would be Thankfulness. I have been reading Ann Voskamp’s blog and saw this One Thousand Gifts. This year I want to open my eyes to all of the many blessings that they Lord has so graciously given me. I do not want to take them for granted. So many times throughout my day I find myself focusing on my little daily troubles – the ever growing laundry pile, the messy toys thrown here and there, or the dishes that need to be put away. I loss sight of the good.
I know my personality is to be critical and dwelling on the negative, yet I want to be encouraging, affirming, and thankful. As I begin this year, I want to show joy and hope to my husband and children. I am going to take the One Thousand Gift Challenge. My goal is to record 1000 gifts over a period of 12 months. I pray God transforms my eyes to see the grace and beauty all around me, and that I will quickly surpass this goal. I want my mind, thoughts, and actions to be transformed as I intentionally look for the joy in each moment.

I am thankful for these four blessings!

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