I love this girl!


  • is a joy.
  • wears me out.
  • gives random hugs and kisses.
  • plays Jim’s pretend guitar every night after family worship is over.
  • is entirely to smart to be 2.
  • is whiney.
  • unbearable at times.
  • not nice and down right mean. (this is usually right after she has just given you a great big hug and kiss.)
  • says “I love you second.” after I say “I love you the most.”
  • argumentative.
  • loves to play dress-up
  • thinks all baby dolls should be naked.
  • loves ribbons, bows, and barrettes.
  • is addicted to milk.
  • hard headed.
  • stubborn. (don’t those two mean the same thing)
  • is a quality time girly.
  • my shadow.
  • my mini-me.
  • independent. (wants to get it herself, dress herself, and do it by herself)
  • wants the door closed with light and fan on while she is going to the bathroom.
  • wants you to “get out, please” while she is in the bathroom.
  • says “come play with me.”
  • is teachable, moldable, fearfully and wonderfully made just as God planned
I love this girl!

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