4 Months and Counting

Today my babygirl turned 4 months old. I am still kind of confused as to how this has happened so quickly. It just doesn’t seem right. I have recounted the months several times today. Nonetheless, I still reach the same conclusion, she is 4 months old.

Let’s be real here, I am still emotional, still desire to have my pre-pregnancy body and at least 4 hours of consistent sleep, tears are never far away (which probably has a lot to do with my lack of sleep), but I am deeply in love with this little girl.

Sadie Grace, you are a momma’s girl in every way possible. To be honest, it is quite ridiculous and to the extreme at times. Your brothers just want to hold you but you cry every time they try. You pitch a fit in the nursery and they have to call me to come get you.  Your adorable smiles melt my heart and you are quite the conversationalist. We all enjoy hearing you jabber through out the day. The boys are quite good at making you smile just as long as they don’t try to hold you.

Tonight on your four month birthday, we let you try cereal for the first time. It was definitely a family affair. Everyone wanted to watch you and see how you would respond while eating the cereal. You did a great job at first and then you decided that you didn’t want to try anymore.

You are rolling over from you belly to your back. You have found your feet and love grabbing them. It will not be too long before you are putting them in your mouth. You are also grabbing and playing with your toys.  You love to be held so you can stand up and jump.jump.jump. I just love it when you grab my face an pull it towards you and give me a big open mouth kiss. Too sweet! You thought about starting to suck your thumb, but I quickly reminded you that it wasn’t acceptable behavior in our home.:-)

These four months have been full of emotions and questions. It is taking a little longer than I expected to adapted to having four little ones running around, but it is getting easier (a little). At times, your sleeping patterns are that of a newborn not a four month old infant. You are still nursing for long periods of time and I keep anticipating the time when you will nurse in less time and drop at least one feeding at night.

Yes, I know that this season will soon pass but it is a struggle some days and nights. So right now, I do want I can, even though it feels like precious little. I cherish slobbery kisses, changing diapers, picking up Legos, making dinner, giving four kiddos baths, changing wet sheets at 3:00 a.m., playing a game of UNO,  and admiring a beautiful dress-up outfit

Galatians 6:9 says: “Let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”

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