Thankfulness #51-75

I am thankful for…..

51. Friends that are willing to watch four children while I went to see Jim at the hospital

52. Kids begging for me to read another book

53. Wearing flip flops in February

54. A beautiful warm sunny day

55. Reading books and playing outside

56. Jim feeling better

57. A husband who loves his children and wants to spend time teaching them

58. Reading the Word on the front porch enjoying Spring-like weather

59. Having friends spend several days with our family

60. Looking at my wedding album and reminiscing about that wonderful day

61. Taking funny pictures with the kids

62. Watching my boys play ball in the yard

63. A new Chick-fil-a in Millington
64. God’s protection from surrounding tornados
65. My husband letting me sleep in until 8:15
66. My husband feeding the kids breakfast while I slept until 8:15
67. My husband emptying the dishwasher while I slept until 8:15
68. Bowling and celebrating Jake’s birthday
69. Children who willingly give to their siblings
70. A great friend, Kelli Sikes, who has provided many, many dollars worth of hand me down clothes to my boys.
71. Power after having tornados and severe storms last night
72. The gas in my car as prices start rising
73. Families that have shared their wisdom in parenting and marriage
74. A quick stop at the church to allow Jim to pray for the choir as they record a new CD
75. Forgiveness, a God who forgives…

4 thoughts on “Thankfulness #51-75

  1. Stephanie! You made my day – I was so happy to see a blog comment from YOU girl! I love your thankful list too – and I really love your short hair – you are beautiful! When Jonathan was in 6th grade he told me that the reason everyone thought I dyed my hair (still don’t – never have) was because my “face didn’t match my hair.” BOYS! Gotta love them – yes I do! And Gran Jan loves her grandboys and grandgirl too! Come see me sometime. 🙂

    Much love to you and give Jim a big hug from me too – I love him to pieces.

    Gran Jan
    John 15:4-5

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