Thankfulness #76-100

76. The two hours of sleep that I am getting with my baby by my side, healthy and breathing God given air. Although,  I would like more sleep, I am GOING to be thankful for these things. 
77. His grace alone shall sustain and there will be grace enough tomorrow again.
78. Encouragement in the Word: Hebrews 4:16- Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.
79. Spring coming.
80. We are 49 days away from the end of our school year. God help us to honor you as we  finish these last months. 
81. A first lost tooth

82. A six year old tell me that he wanted to give all of his money to AWANA Adopt a Club for missionaries. 
83. A day to go to a homeschool convention.
84. Awesome neighbors
85. The beginning of a new month. 
86. A new week to start spring cleaning….declutter..declutter…
87. The sweet smell of my 4 month sleeping beside me during  a nap. 
89. Tag Reading System keeping Judd and Anna Kate engaged while I give Jake a phonics test.
90. Tamiflu. Judd had the flu Wednesday and Thursday. Everyone except Sadie and me are on Tamliflu.
91. A quick phone call from the man of my dreams. I just love him so much.
92. An awesome message from my pastor, Jim Perdue, Sunday morning and evening.
93. A son who can take notes during one of his Daddy’s messages. 

94. A kind lady in our church bringing us dinner this week. She just loves to bless our family. It sure is a blessing. 
95. A quick Sunday afternoon nap.
96. A funny email from a friend.
97. My neighbor and step-son making a profession of faith Friday night. 
98. Jim getting to lead a friend to Christ over lunch Wednesday.
99. Encouragement of other mom’s living this journey of motherhood with me.
100. A special group of women praying for me each month.

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