Thankfulness #101-126

I am so thankful for:

101. Getting Scotch-Brite Pads for FREE today at Walmart!
102. For a Mom who likes to coupon shop! Too much time and effort for me! I wouldn’t have time to blog:-)
103. A husband who likes to read the Word to his boys! and girls!
104. Jesus loving and setting me free.
105. Jesus giving His life just for me.
106.  Standing next to my six year old Sunday and hearing him sing, “Our God is Greater.” Pure joy! 
107. The love my kiddos have for their siblings.
108. Catching my boys adoring their baby sister several times this week.
109. Hearing Jake read his first chapter book, Flat Stanley, this week.

110. Anna Kate’s love for girly things. She loves anything “pretty,” necklaces, watches, purses, and shoes.
111. Mommy sandwiches!

112. Sweet Sadie staying in the childcare without crying too much.
113. A day to get our garden ready to plant.

114. Anna Kate’s “my daddy.”

115. Sadie letting her brother play with her instead of crying every time he holds her.

116.  A quiet house after a busy day.
117.  My birthday is in 7 days.
118.  That the boys are signed up to play baseball.
119.  Cereal for dinner AGAIN tonight!
120.  A healthy 12 lbs and 12 oz baby girl.
121.  Watching my hubby baptize a friend this morning.
122.  My four year old can be found napping at random places in the house.

123. My Bulldogs making to the tournament.
124. My mom enjoying her second week in her new small group.
125. Sweet conversations with my daddy.
126. Hearing AK say “I love you second!”

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