Table Talk

Today we were all eating lunch together and enjoying a wonderful conversation. The boys started discussing that they were going to work on their AWANA Grand Prix car this afternoon. This is how the conversation proceeded and ended!
Anna Kate: I want to go.
Mommy: Not this time, just the boys are going. We are going to stay here and do girl stuff. What kind of girl stuff do you want to do tonight?
Anna Kate: Ummm
Judd: Well you can clean the whole house and do girl stuff like that…
Mommy: huh, (looking at and talking to Jim) You better teach that boy better!

What? Who taught him such language? It is quite interesting that he would say that since his daddy helps me clean the house all the time and the boys are always cleaning something to help.

That Judd! I love that boy!

Then Jake:
Jake just told me “I’m gonna keep praying about it.” 

Me: “About what?” 
Jake: “You having another baby.”… 
Judd “Yeah, then your car will be full.” 
WHAT??? Sadie is only 4 months!!!

That Jake! I love that boy!

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